Thoughts on SCORM and the Modern Web Developer: Part One

I work in E-Learning. It's an industry. And one much loved by many enterprise-level businesses as a way of effectively teaching their large staff. Downside of that is, it's loved »

Bomb the trenches: On war metaphors

Software development is often described with war metaphors. Developers provide sales with the tools and information they use to fight on the frontlines of marketing and sales. Developers and QA »

Procedural Music Generation

So I have a problem: I haven't a musical bone in my body. I don't just mean I'm not musically trained (admittedly true), music theory was something I could never »

Cardboard Reality

Hello internet, and it's loved ones. So, I recently purchased a certain device called "Google Cardboard". Well, it's less a device and more a piece of cheap hardware you strap »

FlapBoy [#gbjam3]

A Flappy Bird clone I made for the #gbjam3, the game is written in C++ using SFML. Supports multiple difficulty modes. Don't hit the pipes or leave the screen. Basically »

Reverse Polish Notation [F#]

So playing around with F# to get to grips with it as a language. I have some functional experience, being a massive fan of Scala and a somewhat begrudging admirer »