Cardboard Reality

Hello internet, and it's loved ones. So, I recently purchased a certain device called "Google Cardboard". Well, it's less a device and more a piece of »

FlapBoy [#gbjam3]

A Flappy Bird clone I made for the #gbjam3, the game is written in C++ using SFML. Supports multiple difficulty modes. Don't hit the pipes or »

Reverse Polish Notation [F#]

So playing around with F# to get to grips with it as a language. I have some functional experience, being a massive fan of Scala and »

How to make a Video Game Engine

A common mistake people learning programming with an eye towards game development make is the idea that they require a game engine. It just seems natural, »

New Blog

As it turns out, Wordpress is a beast. And not in the good sense. I've always felt it overly bloated for a blog engine, trying to »